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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know that you sell only quality laptops that are reliable?

All our laptops are rigorously tested and subjected to a 27-point quality check. We are so confident in our work that we offer a 1-year money back warranty on all our laptops.

What do I do if the laptop I bought from you is giving me problems?

All our laptops do come with a 12-month warranty. If you have any problems in this period, please bring it to us for assessment.

Can you come to my house or office to sort out my computer problems?

Yes, we do have onsite support available. Please contact any of our stores to have one of our ComputerSmart technicians assist you.

Do you buy or sell any Mac’s (Apple products)?

No, we do not deal in any Apple products, as there are restrictions around the availability of proprietary spares for Apple products.

Can I come sell or trade in my desktop computer?

With the ever-decreasing demand for desktops by the everyday home & small office user we decided to focus on laptops.

I bought a laptop from you, but I changed my mind. What do I do?

You can bring you laptop back for a refund or exchange with in 5 workdays if you changed your mind. Outside of this “buyer’s remorse” period our warranty will cover any hardware related issues.

I want to sell my laptop, but is concerned that someone else will be able to recover my personal information after you refurbished and sold the laptop:

On request we can format your hard drive against the NIST 808.88 media sanitation standard.

Tell me more about your 1-year money back warranty?

Our warranty covers all hardware e.g. keyboard, battery etc. Any liquid dame of physical damage is not covered by the warranty. Software (programs) are not covered by the warranty.

Do you offer lay-by options?

Yes, we do offer lay-by on our laptops.
All lay buys must be completed in 3 months unless other arrangement has been made. Our standard lay-by arrangement is 50% deposit, then two 25% payments during the following two months. For detailed lay-by terms and conditions click here.

Are you open on the weekends?

Our store is open on weekends and public holidays. Normal operating hours on weekends and public holidays is 09:00 till 13:00.

I have an old laptop, but it still works. Can I come & sell it to you?

Yes if it is running a licenced version of Windows 7 or higher.
If not, we will not be able to buy it from you, but can ensure that it is safely recycled. The main reason why we do not buy laptops with older than Windows 7 is licencing and support constraints, this means we can’t guarantee the reliability of the laptop.

Can I also come buy everything else I need to be productive with my laptop?

Yes, we also sell the accessories & software that your laptop requires to make your life easier & more productive at home or the office.

What do I do if I sold my laptop to you but forgot to back up my files?

You have 48 hours, after accepting our offer, to inform us that you still would like to back up your files. After 48 hours, we format the laptop.

We do this for two reasons

To remove all your personal information & data.

To make sure there is no viruses or other harmful software when we re-sell the laptop.

How do I know that you don’t deal with criminals & stolen laptops?

We are registered as a second-hand goods dealer & as such must adhere to the law & regulations set out for second-hand goods dealers. We also work closely with the South African Police Services to verify that we don’t procure any stolen goods.

Can I trade in my old laptop for a new one?

Yes, we don’t just buy laptops we can also do trade-ins as well. We will have to do an assessment on your laptop first in order to establish the trade-in value.

Can you help me with a new laptop / desktop, or do you only sell refurbished or used laptops?

Our specialty is refurbished, demo & used laptops, of which we always have a variety of items in stock.
We can source refurbished desktops, new desktops and laptops, but we have to contact our suppliers to get accurate pricing & order them.

Can I come sell my laptop if it is damaged, not working or if I don’t have the charger?

Yes, we will be happy to assess it. If something needs to be replaced or repaired, we deduct the associated costs from the trade in value of the laptop. If these costs exceed the value of the laptop, it becomes uneconomical for us to buy them. In these cases, we will not be able to buy it from you, but can ensure that it is safely recycled.

Do I have to be a South African citizen in order to be able to sell my laptop to you?

No, as long as you have your Passport as proof of identification we can help you.

Why did my laptop not come with Office or antivirus?

All our laptops only come with Windows & drivers pre-installed. All other software is optional extras that are available to buy.


How much is your assessment fee?

Our assessment or Quote rejection fee is R199.00. After the Assessment we provide a quotation of how much it will cost, upon which getting the approval we proceed with the repair.

How much is your hourly labour rate?

Our hourly labour rate is R499

If I book in a laptop for repairs, how long will it take for you to fix it?

Turnaround times will depend on the nature of the problem, as well as availability of spares – generic and frequently used spares are kept in stock, while brand- or  model-specific spares may need to be ordered.
We first do an assessment to ascertain the problem,  after which a quotation is provided for approval. Quotes normally takes 2-3 days from the day it is booked in & an additional 2-3 days usually for the stock to arrive & repairs to be finalized.
Loan units are available, at an additional cost, for the time your laptop is in for repairs.

If I need my job completed right away, is that possible?

We charge an additional priority fee of R499 if you need the device to be fixed right away without getting into the repairs queue. This is dipended on in store parts availability.

Is there warranty on your repairs?

We provide a 3 months repair warranty on all our repairs. New replacement parts such as batteries, keyboard and screens, carries a 1 year warranty.
Please keep your original invoice to be able to exercise this warranty.

Do you do data transfer or recovery?

We do data transfer or recovery. In a case where the hard drive is damaged to the point where conventional recovery techniques cannot recover the data, we refer it to a specialised data recovery centre. Contact us for more information on the cost associated with specialised data recovery services.

Can you increase the performance or speed of my computer?

Computers needs to be serviced from time to time to keep them running optimally. We provide a service where we optimise the speed of your computer by following our 7-step speed optimisation protocol.

We can assess the need for, and implement RAM upgrades, if this is required to further increase the speed of the computer.